You can choose from two options:

  • about 1 hour in the studio, at your home or in nature, on the beach or in the mountain.
  • Retro album 20 x 20 cms, 24 pages, high quality photopaper, mate, on 380grs/m2 carton, hardcover.
  • 10 edited phototoprints in 15 x 20 cms.
  • All photos on USB stick as web and print version.
  • about 1 hour in the studio, at your home or in nature, on the beach or in the mountain.
  • All photos on USB stick as web and print version.

And for mommies and babies I have a special offer, feel free to ask to combine sessions :)

Or maybe you want to give a photosession as a gift:

Family photography with kids, grandparents, friends, or even beloved pets.
A photo session in a family friendly ambience and outdoor in nature:

Baby Photography

Belly Session

Preferably outdoors and from around the 32nd week when the belly is nice and big and round. On the beach or in a beautiful meadow, in the mountains, in the forest, everything is possible. The partner and siblings can of course be in the picture.


I offer my newborn sessions within the first 8 weeks and promise to create wonderful cute newborn pictures, in natural posing and soft daylight. A good alternative is a home session, where I set up two sets at your home and allow influence your home styling.
With every baby session, pictures with parents and siblings are also created, if desired, your pet can also be in the picture. You can swaddle, cuddle, breastfeed, give bottles at any time.


Your baby will never change as much as in the first year!
Around the 4th to 8th month, most babies start moving, turning, crawling, scooting, these are great opportunities for a baby session, as well as later, when the baby is sitting securely and begins to stand and walk.
For the first birthday there is the ever-popular Cake Smash – feel free to ask about the cake!
Depending on the weather or your own wishes, the baby shoot can take place outdoors, at your home or in the studio. Parents, siblings and pets can also be in the picture here.

Family und friends photography

Sibling session / family session (up to 6 person)

Sibling pictures have their own charm, depending on the character of the children. There are different ways to assemble a set or to capture unforgettable moments in nature, on the beach, in the playground or at home.
It is best to choose a suitable time frame that fits in your daily routine, when nobody is tired or hungry. Outdoors, the shootings should take place early in the morning or in the evening because of the glaring sunlight.

Couple photography

There are hardly any things in life that move us as much as love for the partner. For an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or just beautiful couple portraits, preferably on the beach or in the mountains, create lasting memories far away from everyday life.
Are you newly in love and can hardly leave each other? Or are you a well-rehearsed team that has been able to count 100% on each other for a long time? Whether for lovebirds or for your anniversary – in your couple photo shoot, your feelings for each other will last forever. Present yourself with an individual couple portrait to capture this intimacy.

Friends session (up to 4 friends)

Best friends are great fun! These beautiful memories are wonderful to hold on to, even if you have to be really fast when the kids are having fun, jumping and playing. Often beautiful individual portraits are created, but nobody conjures up real joy more easily than best friends.

Of course, your pet is also part of your family in nature and at home and can be included in the picture if so desired. In the studio it is possible to bring a pet with you if you want it in the picture, please let me know from the beginning for organizational reasons ;)

The best way to talk about special requests, your ideas and everything else is by phone:
+34 617 122 455, I can also be reached via Whatsapp or Telegram. I look forward to capture these special moments for you and your family!