1. Where is kubitoestudio?

My photo studio is in one of our rooms at home, in Calle Santa Teresa s / n,
Casitas de Calahonda, n ° 17, 29649 Mijas, Calahonda.
I work on the Costa del Sol, between Malaga and Estepona.
(Service travel costs on request)

2. Where can the photo session take place?

In the in-house photo studio, at home or in nature.
A baby session is ideal at home or in the studio, depending on how small the babies are.
In our garden, siblings can play as long as the little ones are in the studio.
Family and couple sessions are beautifully natural outdoors, whether on the beach, meadow, mountain or forest.
It depends entirely on your needs and wishes.

3. When can I book portrait sessions?

Daylight photoshoots are best found either around sunrise or outdoors held two hours before
sunset when the sun is nice and soft. The start time of the evening shootings depends
on the time of year.
The best thing to do is to write to me by email or WhatsApp, for availability or if you
have any questions.
If you have limited time, send me a few possible appointments and I’ll check
my calendar. If we do a home shoot, please pay attention to the light in your home and
let me know when the areas we will be shooting in are best lit.
Photo studio sessions can be booked between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

4. What should I wear to the photo session?

Please show me! Some customers just send me pictures or show me their ideas personally.
I’m not a fashionista, but I like to give my opinion. (Be yourself + don’t be too «matchy matchy»)
Of course, you can coordinate with each other in terms of color if there are several people
coming to the photo.
Forget the shoes ;) Pay attention to your feet, barefoot pictures are often the most beautiful,
not only for small babies.

5. How can I book a photo shoot?

You can send me an email under contact or write to hola@kubitoestudio.com or call me at:
+34 617 122 455, also WhatsApp or Telegram works fine withe me.
Together we can speak the details and your desired time frame.

6. Which payment methods are accepted?

I will send you an invoice with 21% of taxes included for the photo session fee, which will be paid in advance, via bank transfer or bizum or you pay in cash when we meet and I will then send you the invoice per email.

7. How long does the photo editing process take?

Lots of thought goes into the editing process. You’d be amazed at how long I sit in
front of the computer after a session looking at, working and editing your pictures, many times at least 10
to 15 hours (and more for special events) depending on the amount of pictures I took
or what kind of session I am editing.
It’s not because the pictures need help, it’s because I have a vision of exactly how I want
them to be changed through out the editing process & I am meticulous until I get there.
I like to put my loving edit into each picture that goes on your gallery without batch editing.
It could take up to one or two weeks to complete the editing phase. Please know that I am working on it as quick as I can, usually from the time I get home from your session because I am just so excited to see them!
I love to surprise my clients with their pictures being done early whenever I can and will
let you know when they are complete. Thanks for your patience!

8. How long does a photo session take?

I like to take some time, depending on the type of shoot, it starts at 1 to 1.5 hours,
up to 2 hours, but I’m not someone who sits with an alarm clock.
The best pictures come with time and when the person being photographed relaxes.

9. Will the photos from the session be published?

I am very happy to show the photos from our photo session, but only if you agree to them and
give your written consent for publication.

10. How do I get my photos?

As soon as I’ve finished editing, I’ll send you a link and you can see all
of the images. Then you choose your prints and I create your album. Or I save all your photos on a stick for you, depends on which package you have chosen.

11. What about graphic design?

I studied communication design at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences from 2005 to 2009.
My masters where print media and photography. I had previously focused on graphic design.
Since I now have two small children myself, I thought it was a good time to open my own photo studio.
Please come over and see it for yourself!